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Booking Finca Vrij retreat centre and/or apartments.

At the moment all bookings are to be made by telephone or e-mail. On the calendar below you can check availibility.
Any questions? Call +31(0)624128948 or send an e-mail to contact@fincavrij.nl. We’re happy to help.


Prices retreat center Finca Vrij

/What does Finca Vrij cost when you rent the retreat center?
Minimum 12 people and 2 nights (During the months of July and August minimum is 18 and maximum is 22 people)

Prices until july of 2023:
Price per person per day on Friday, Saturday or Sunday                             € 47,50
Price per person per day on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday    € 43,50
Price per person per morning, midday or evening                                        € 16.50
(morning: 9 till 13.30 hrs/ afternoon: 13.30 till 18 hrs/ evening: 18 till 22.30 hrs)

Prices are for selfcare (cooking and cleaning, excluding a mandatory bedding set).
Prices are excluding 9% taxes, bedding (€ 4,50 per set), tourist taxes and cleaning €260,- (excl 21% taxes)
Tourist tax: from 1st of January up to 1st of may and from 1st of september up to and included 31st of december € 1,83 pppn and 1st of may up to 1st of september € 2,04 p.p.p.n.
For workshops or retreats that require extra heating (for instance tantra workshops or massage courses) we charge an extra of
€ 20,- per day
You can now find the price for your retreat or workshop. If you don’t succeed you can mail or call us and we will make a
We don’t negotiate about the price, but we do give a discount when you do multiple retreats per year.
Contact us if you wish

Some calculations:
That means that for instance:
For a weekend (Friday 6 o‘clock until Sunday 5 o‘clock for 12 people (minimum number of guests) you would pay: €1194,- (excl. 9% VAT, cleaning and tourist tax)
€ 47,50  x 2 days = € 95,-  x 12 people = € 1140,- + 12 sets of bedding at 4,50 = €1194- 

For a midweek (Monday 1 o‘clock until Friday noon): €2088,- (excl. 9% VAT, cleaning and tourist tax)
€ 43,50  x 4 days = € 174,-  x 12 people = € 2088,- + 12 sets of bedding at €4,50 = € 2142,-

And for a week (Monday/friday 18 hours until monday/friday 17 hours): € 3852,- (excl. 9% VAT, cleaning and tourist tax)
Friday 6 ‘o clock until Friday 10 ‘o clock) you would pay:
€ 47,50 x 3 days + € 43,50 x 4 days = € 316,50  x 12 people = € 3798,-+ 12 sets of bedding at 4,50 = € 3852,-
These are just some examples, other days and/or times are also possible

Of course you can also choose full service:

Towels                                € 5,- per set (one big and one smaller towel (excl. 9% VAT)
End cleaning                     € 260,- (excl. 21% VAT)
Cleaning ‘the Room’        € 30,-
Made beds                        € 7,50 per bed (excl. 21% VAT)
Crate of wood                  € 10,-
Indication for catering     € 40,- per person per day (for breakfast, lunch and diner). We can put you into contact with a cook or caterer

Prices Apartments Finca Vrij

What does Finca Vrij cost if you want to stay here privately (if there are no retreats)?

Prices are including (most) activities in the workshop space, all taxes, sheets, towels and end cleaning!

Summer, Autumn, Christmas, Spring and May holiday (minimum stay 3 days):
2-persons apartment € 119,50 per day per apartment
bicycle rental 10,- per day

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